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The CCSLV Infant Program provides care for children aged 3 to 13 months. In CCSLV's Infant Program, our primary caregivers follow each child's individual schedule so that the curriculum and schedules happen naturally each day. Activities are based on the child's interests and avilities which are broken into two components, one on one time and individual time. Essential components of our infant early learning program include:

  • Every infant has their own rhythm or schedule which their primary caregiver is in tune with and respects.
  • During "one on one" time primary caregivers attend to each child's basic needs such as feeding, diapering, napping and socializing.
  • During "individual" time primary caregivers will provide a safe environment for each child to explore and experience, at their own pace.
  • We have a "No Shoe Policy" in our Infant room to keep the environment as clean as possible.

infant room

The Infant component is not NAEYC accredited because it began after accreditation was received. However, our standards adhere to the same philosophy, i.e., small teacher to infant ratios. There are a maximum of four infants in the program on any given day and the ratioes are 1:2, which allows for wonderful bonding opportunities for each family.

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